Hi there! So I was there the other day thinking of healthy beverages I can make or buy besides my homemade smoothies I make regulary. I was googling and I read a lot about coconut water being very healthy! I heard about the brand called Vita Coco and I was very curious about their products which made me try them out!

So besides Hollywood stars like Rihanna and Madonna being fan of Vita Coco, what makes this beverage so special? Vita Coco is an all naturalhydrating, fat-free, cholesterol-free coconut water full with nutrients. The beverage cleans and detoxes the body and very good for the skin due to the anti-oxidants. No sugars or preservatives are added in the drinks of Vita Coco. All in one juice box, perfect right?  It comes with different flavors as well such as Pineapple, Orange, Peach/Mango and Tropical fruit. Personally, I'm not fond of coconut water so the unflavored one was not my favorite. The one with the pineapple flavor is really good! Have you tried Vita Coco before? What do you think about the drinks?
The package consisted of 3 flavours which were orange, pineapple and the original one


  1. Yum, this is mouth watering! So refreshing!


  2. I have seen these around but I haven't try them. I love coconut water so I think will give them a try :)

  3. hmmmmmm hmmmm im kinda thirsty right now. I could use one :-)
    I would like to give it a try but its not avail in belgium. SUCKS RIGHT!!!??!!

    Greets Jon,

  4. Ik zou het wel willen proberen nu, haha. :)

  5. Wat ontzettend leuk verpakt zeg! Ik vind Vita Coco met ananas het lekkerst :) xo

  6. Ik hou er totaaal niet van. Ik ben gewoon raar denk ik haha


  7. Sounds delicious, too bad I hate everything that's got coconut in it!

  8. I tested coconut water, but I really don't think it tastes good ... :(

  9. I love coconut water - the pineapple one is my favorite! Have a marvelous weekend