A girl simply can't have enough shoes! I saw these leather boots last week at the H&M and I tried them on. For some reason I was in doubt and in my head I was thinking ''Am I buyin' a new pair of shoes again?!'' So eventually I left them behind. The week after I decided to go back and check if they were still there...there were nowhere to be found! I went to different H&M stores in different cities and they all told me NO. Story of life. I decided to try one more shop and I even asked one of the workers over there if they had them ofcourse she had her ''No'' as well. I wasn't taking that for an answer. Guess what, behind one of the other boots in the store, there it was...just one pair in a size 39! Mine! So ladies when you're having second doubt on whether to buy something you're drooling about, do not hesitate. Just buy it and go home as if nothing happend haha!

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  1. I hate it when that happens to me! I'm always so hesitant about buying what I really want. It comes from years of being an impulse shopper. Now, I have to keep asking myself if I really want something. I get so bummed out if it sells out, though.

    So glad you bought them! They look amazing :)

    xo Azu


  2. Im glad you got ypur boots after all :-)
    Nice choice btw ... It was fun reading your little story :-)

    Greets Jon,

  3. haha that tends to happen with stores like h&m and topshop, etc. glad you found them in the end! they are classic.

    reckless abandon

  4. These boots look amazing !

  5. They are really cool!

  6. Schoenen heb je inderdaad nooit genoeg, zeker zwarte schoenen :)!


  7. Perfect shoes! So cool and classic <3

  8. No - never enough shoes (lol) I haven't tried H&M's foot wear yet, but I'm going to look into them now. The boots are great. Looks versatile.
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  9. H&M have such great shoes, love these!!

  10. Great find at H&M! That's the reason why I love shopping in America. I'l buy it and if I change my mind eventually, I'll have it return at the store. If there wasn't any hint of regret eventually, it's for keeps! =)

  11. hahahah ik ken het.. Grappige is dat als er nog veel beschikbaar waren in je maat je weer zou twijfelen. Nu kon je ze niet krijgen en dan moet je ze hebben!!