Welcome back people! Today I have something totally different which I've never done before.... It's a wishlist post! Every blogger has things that they are craving to have in their collection. Have a look!

True's wishlist

1. MacBook| Every blogger needs a good computer and Macbook has been on my mind since last year! I've done research about these laptops and spoken to people that own one and all of them and I mean ALL of them are more than satisfied with their purchase. I can imagine because I have an iPhone and I couldn't wish for any other smartphone so Macbook Pro is number uno on my the wishlist!

2. Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme edp| I've been enchanted by this lovely sweet fragrance since the day that a friend pulled it out of her purse and made me try it. I love it! This fragrance is one that I would seriously wear 365 days regardless which seasons we're in.

3. Michael Kors wallet| Who doesn't love Michael Kors. I think every women has fallen in love with one of the products of Michael. It's either the watches, the bags, the shoes...me on the other hand have fallen for the wallets!I prefer my wallets simple yet big & that's the one of Michael Kors. I just love the way the name is written on it haha. I'm still in a dilemma regarding the color though. Should I go for one that is ''timeless'' or the one which is something different, girly and vibrant? What would you choose?

4. Kenzo Flying Tiger| These Kenzo tshirts are just casual perfection, period!

5. Lord & Berry lipstick| I've been obsessed with lipsticks that give that dark, vampy and feminine look! I've been googling like crazy to find a brand that has that. I saw that MAC had one called Prince Noir but  it was limited edition...bummer. I saw this one of Lord & Berry while searching on Polyvore and this is like that deep black red color that I'm looking for. Tips are always welcome! Sharing is caring :)

6. Moschino belt| This vintage belt is so gorgeous in my opinion. I've seen so many photos of how celebrities and bloggers are rocking it and it's just awesome! It's big, gold and it can be tacky in a way but if you know how to style it, it completes the outfit!

So that was it people! After going through this list, there is one item I will be ticking off soon! You will hear about it! xoxo


  1. Such a cool list, love the laptop !

  2. Great post, I also have moschino belt on my wishlist:)

  3. Michael Korse wallets are amazing!:)

  4. Mooie wishlist! En ik raad je zeker en macbook aan. Ik vind hem zo fijn kan niet meer zonder :)

    Doe je al mee met mijn giveaway? Je maak kans op schoenen naar keuze van de webshop Intreza. ☺


  5. a macbook is also on my wish list! love the lipstick :)

  6. Ik wil ook zoo graag een kenzo shirt! Maar ik ga eerst een marc jacobs armbandje kopen :)


  7. great things :) I like the color of your laptop ! kisses

  8. oehhhh wat ga je halen?? Ik ben benieuwd. Binnenkort stuur ik je een mailtje over je blog. Kunnen we mssk samenwerken. xx

  9. Wat een mooie wishlist zeg! Ik vind zo'n Kenzo shirt echt geweldig :) xo

  10. I want that lipsticks! I have a MacBook and it's amazing, definitely go for it! :)

  11. Yes!!! Everyone has wish list ! I got too many