black crop top outfit
If you would have told me that I would be wearing a crop top and a lace skirt 5 years ago I would have laughed you in the would have been a nervous laughter though. It's funny how I see myself growing as an individual but also feeling comfortable in my own body. Ofcourse we have those days when we feel we are not at our best but self-love couldn't be more important. I came across a quote on Instagram and it just took the words out of my mouth and it goes like this 

''Once you've accepted your flaws, 
no one can use them against you.'' 

I can speak from experience that this quote couldn't be more true! I really wanted to share this with you guys. I hope y'all like the outfit and uhm I think there is one picture #youwillimmediatelynoticewhichone where I'm posing like Beyonce who just finished her performance on stage...nevermind me hahaha. I wanna know your opinion, have you accepted your flaws in a way to feel confident? Share you thoughts with me.
outfit post wearing camel coat and lace skirt
black crop top with green lacegreen lace skirt close up
black pumps
black crop top with camel coat
camel coat outfit
black crop top with green lace skirt
black crop top with green lace skirt
black crop top and wearing swarovski earrings
black crop top with green lace skirt
Vest: H&M / Lace skirt: H&M / Pumps: Shoeline / Earrings: Swarovski / Croptop: River Island / Sunglasses: Mango / Coat: Promiss
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  1. Je ziet er echt prachtig uit Trudy!
    Love the color combination and your Beyonce pose is just fab lol.
    Niks is belangrijker dan jezelf accepteren voor wie je bent, flaws and al!

    Great post!

    xx Tamara Chloé

  2. You are weeeurking it!! i really like that clutch. That outfit is really stylish. That skirt fits you perfectly!!! :-)
    Great work...on fleek

    Greets Jon,
    New look on Le Blog

  3. Ziet er prachtig uit! Iedereen heeft inderdaad wel eens haar momenten, maar uiteindelijk moet je tevreden zijn :). Xx


  4. Love how you styled that skirt ! You look so fab !


  5. Prachtige foto's weer! En je straalt het zeker uit dat jij jezelf hebt geaccepteerd en dat je weet hoe jij je moet kleden, zeker om het beste in je naar voren te halen. Mooie inspirerende quote <3

  6. i like this outfit on you, and you are looking beautiful and stylish

  7. Obsessed with your green, lace skirt. You look so chic!

  8. The lace skirt is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    Eye See Euphoria |