swarovski pink slake bracelets and swarovski cardinal necklace
Happy new month guys! I'm so thrilled cause this is my birthday month. The weather hasn't been spring like these days but we can always prepare ourselves right? We've entered a new season so we're changing up our items in the closet, new shoes, brighter make-up and let's not forget our accessories. I can say I'm totally spring-proof with my girly make-up look and some beautiful colorful jewellery from Swarovski!

The new spring/summer collection of Swarovski is called Crystal Garden and the reason for this name is quite simple. Most of the jewellery of this season are inspired from nature creatures or flowers or the garden. You'll find a lot of pastel colors in the pieces of the new collection which gives that soft & feminine look. I'm wearing the stunning Swarovski Cardinal Necklace. Talking about making a statement hahaha. I love the floral patterns in the necklace filled with these girly colors. I combined it with the pink and fuchsia Slake Bracelets and the Chic Blue Ring. Less is more? Nope, not this season! It's about that time to get your biggest and colorful jewellery pieces out of the box. There's not wrong with making a statement this summer ladies! Sparkle!
swarovski summer collection crystal garden
swarovski crystal garden summer collection
swarovski cardinal necklace spring summer collection crystal garden
swarovski cardinal necklace summer collection
swarovski pink slake bracelets
swarovski blue ring chic ring
swarovski cardinal necklace statement necklace
pink swarovski slake bracelet
swarovski cardinal necklace summer collection
swarovski crystal garden spring/summer collection
swarovski cardinal necklace spring/summer collection swarovski
swarovski pink slake bracelet and the swarovski cardinal necklace
swarovski pink slake bracelet crystal garden
wearing swarovski slake bracelet and the cardinal necklace
Photos & make-up by: The Beauty Wand By Kay

Shop the latest items from the spring/summer 15' Collection of Swarovski below!
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  1. Oh my gosh, SO gorgeous. I love Swarovski!


  2. Complimenten aan Kay, de make-up en foto's zijn prachtig!

  3. Alejandra VerduFriday, April 03, 2015

    The necklace is perfect!!! I really love it!
    Have a nice weekend dear,


  4. Thanks Alejandra! Have a great weekend too! x

  5. Hahaha thanks meid! Ik zal het zeker doorgeven! x

  6. Esmeralda AttemaFriday, April 03, 2015

    Prahctige foto's, de kleur spat er vanaf.. heel mooi! xx


  7. Beautiful photos! You look like an angel <3

  8. Echt zo mooi allemaal!! Ik vind je make up ook heel mooi zitten :)


  9. I love Swarovski and those bracelets are beyond beautiful!

    Rebecca Coco

  10. Oh my, that necklace is gorgeous!

  11. These picssssss <3333 Love the makeup and the jewelzz!