Hi guys, how are you? Since I've been living in London, I've had my eyes on the Mulberry bags. I see a lot of people wearing the classic one The Baywater. I think the bags scream quality and they are very timeless in my opinion. In the Netherlands, I didn't see as many people wearing Mulberry as here which makes sense cause it's a British brand. Well it's almost my 25th birthday... what do you say? Birthday gift worthy?

mulberry bag inspiration post soft pink lily
nicole warne wearing black mulberry bag inspiration bag

mulberry bag inspiration post red lily
muberry bag inspiration post gold lily
mulberry bag inspiration post streetstyle
mulberry bag inspiration post streetstyle blue baywater
mulberry bag inspiration post gary peppergirl


  1. Gorgeous collection of bags! I love these bright, bold colors! Perfect for spring!

  2. That Orange coloured one though!! Really enjoyed scrolling through these beautiful pictures.

    Happy Easter. x

  3. Wonderful bags! great post!