Everyone who knows me knows that London is one of my favorite cities... or maybe my favorite city! London being one of the world's capital, it has a lot to offer when it comes to culture, night-life, fashion and let's not forget food. I am a big fan of burger joints and I'm sharing 3 burger places where you can enjoy a big juicy burger in London. Are you planning a citytrip soon? Grab a pen and paper and take notes. Thank me later๐Ÿ˜

1. Five Guys
You probably have heard of this American burger chain. If not, not too worry. This is the perfect opportunity to try this burger joint out when you're in London. The burgers are super tasty and the portion are.. well let me say American portions! The burgers and the fries are served in just random paper bags and that's it. Notting fancy but the taste is great and the prices are very affordable. And if one cup of coke ain't enough, Five Guys are here to fulfill your wishes because the drinks are re-fills and they offer a wide varierty of soft drink flavours!
3 Tasty Places To Eat Burgers In London,UK

2. The Diner
The Diner is a place where you just want to sit back, relax, enjoy a good burger in a American diner themed restaurant. Besides burgers, they have a wide varierty of food that they serve as well such as pancakes, sandwiches and breakfast. I recommend you to order sweet potatoe fries to whatever you're getting. They are seriously soooo delicious! And why just get a coke if you can get a dessert at the same time. Order a float(ice-cream is added into your soft-drink)!๐Ÿ˜
3 Tasty Places To Eat Burgers In London,UK the diner
Picture source: The Diner
3. Byron
Byron is a place where you'll find the classic burgers with a delicious, creative twist. Their buns are really tasty as well. At Byron you also have the possibility to customize your burgers which is pretty cool. If you're up for some proper hamburgers as they say, head up to Byron.
3 Tasty Places To Eat Burgers In London,UK byron
3 Tasty Places To Eat Burgers In London,UK byron burgers
3 Tasty Places To Eat Burgers In London,UK byron burgers
picture source: DAWGS / Scott Grummett

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