4 Ways To Save Money Like A Boss

Today's article is going to help you save money like a boss. How frustrating is it when you get your weekly/monthly salary but you're also broke so you can not save money. Is it the pay that is too little or you're not managing your budget wisely? Most of the time yes we do always think that our salary could be more but even if that's the case you should work your way around your budget in order to save money on the side. Here is how:

Estimate the saving budget according to your expenses and income
The amount you're going to save is simply according to your salary and expenses each month. Therefore it is important to do the math of how much money do you have left each month after you deduct all the monthly expenses. When you have that amount, you can deicide for yourself how much you are able/willing to set aside for savings. The higher the amount the quicker you will reach your savings goal😉.
4 Ways To Save Money Like A Boss

Download an app
Nowadays a lot of banks offer internet banking. This is so ideal because you can simply do your banking duties anywhere at anytime. Downloading the app of your bank will enable you to keep track of your expenses and your savings. Most apps give you the access to your savings where you can immediately transfer money from your current account to your savings in a blink of an eye.

Make it automatic
If you're not a person who can keep up with different kind of schedules, especially when it comes to your finances, then I would suggest to make it all automatic. If you have a savings account at your bank, you can set it up in a way that the amount that you want to save gets withdrawn automatically from your current account on a fixed date each month to your savings account. This will help you put an amount on the side each month without having to worry about that. How perfect is that?
4 Ways To Save Money Like A Boss

Spend less, save more
Okay this might sound like a headline from a bank advertisement but this is one is very important. When you're a (recent) graduate and you just kicked off your career, it's most likely that your salary will start from the basics. The more experience you gain the higher the salary gets. But maybe you want to buy a car, you want to travel, you want those fancy shoes that has been overexposed on Instagram. Basically you want it all kind of feeling hahaha. We all know that feeling however you have to make choices in order to be able to save unless your salary enables you to spend as many bucks as you want. For example, if your not able to save now because you go out to a restaurant 4 days in a week, then you need to reconsider that too and maybe limit it to twice or once per week. Same goes for shopping, nightlife etc. If you know you're going out on a girlsnight on Saturday and you're on a budget, there's no harm on skipping the invitation to go for a drink on a Wednesday night. 

So those were my 4 tips on how you can save money like a boss. If you find these tips helpful, let me know in the comment section. So tell me? How do you manage to save money every month?

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