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It’s friday and this means it’s time for Blogger’s Spotlight!  This week there are new Bloggers who are going to be in the spotlights today! Let’s take a look!
Ashley from Life Of A Housewife
Let’s meet Ashley who is the creator of the blog Life Of A Housewife.  Every girl has some favorite products  that she uses a lot during a particular month. Ashley does too! Today she wants to put her blog post ”April Favorites” in the spotlight. The great thing about her reviews is that she is very honest and she doesn’t sugar coat anything! So ladies if you want to read some good and honest reviews and you can’t wait to see her favorite products of the month May, do check her blog:
This blog post of Shannon really got my attention! Shannon’s blog post ”Curvy Body Problems” is about her personal experience with her weight. Shannon has a curvy body shape and she finds it sad how the media is portraying this as ”not hot”. In this post she wants everyone (curvy, skinny, tall, short, dark, white, green) to learn to accept and LOVE your body! As Carrie Bradshaw always says “you have to be in love with yourself first”. Go visit Shannon’s blog.
Jonathan from Antwerp Street Fashion
This young male fashion blogger gets his inspiration from street style. He lovessssss street style! His blog is all about fashion and his city Antwerp (Belgium). Recently Jonathan did a photoshoot arranged by a friend. The pictures are soon to be on his blog and he couldn’t be more excited. Wanna see how the pictures turned out? Click the link below:
That’s it for today Bloggers! I would love to put your story on Blogger’s Spotlight next week! So don’t forget to email me on!!!


  1. 17th May 2013 / 10:05 pm

    Great post True! I really appreciate the effort you'v done for us male bloggers!! Love the initiatif!!! I will post the pictures of my photoshoot soon 😉

    • 17th May 2013 / 10:27 pm

      Well ur welcome Jonathan!

  2. 18th May 2013 / 7:05 pm

    That second one is wonderful! Love that she blogs about that!

    XX Red Sonja

  3. 18th May 2013 / 10:48 pm

    Hi dear
    Great post, so interesting

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