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Welcome back True Readers! I need to come up with a name for you haha. I’m must say that I’m really thankful & grateful for all the readers that keep reading my blog but not only that…I feel like we have built some sort of a blog-relationship. Over the past 2 years, I’ve realised that the connection between bloggers on blogs has decreased. Many of comments aren’t sincere anymore or it’s a FFF #followforfollow. We need to get back to the core of blogging again #ForgetAboutTheFollowersYouHaveOnSocialmedia (that is by far the longest hashtag). So to all of you reading, THANK YOU! Just to let you know, I’m on Instagram a lot so I would love to check y’all out on Instagram as well so please drop your account in the comment section and I’ll definitely swing by!

 While I was editing these photos I just smiled at my laptop screen. Why? The answer is simple. I see sun! I immediately took the opportunity to take some outfit photos and it felt awesome. I felt like being in a cave for months and feeling the sunlight in my eyes #ILoveToExaggerate. I’m wearing a full H&M attire. I just love the simplicity of the matching top and skirt with a little bit of sparkle! My hair is also different #AsUsual. I have missed these long locks but I’m doubting between burgundy ombre or blond ombre. What would you suggest?! Have a wonderful weekend True-stars!

black coat with black hat
H&M blue sale outfit with sequins
H&M blue sale outfit with sequins
H&M blue outfit with sequins
H&M blue top and skirt with sequins
H&M blue skirt with sequins
H&M outfit inspiration top and skirt
elegant black coat with black hat
streetstyle photo wearing black coat and H&M outfit
top, skirt & hat: h&M / boots: asos.com / coat: boutique in Paris

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  1. 23rd January 2015 / 1:22 am

    Hi love;)

    I absolutely agree with you on the topic of leaving sincere comments and going back to the core of blogging.
    It has changed so much after my three years of blogging, but I have also made some amazing friends too.
    When ever I feel like that I reach out to my blogger friends and take the time to read their posts and leave some feedback.
    I do believe that what you send out you will receive back lol

    About your outfit, as I have mentioned on Insta I am absolutely in love with your H&M skirt and top.
    It is so something I would wear myself.
    This whole outfit and your make up is just perfect and I think a burgundy ombre haircolor would look smashing on you!

    Enjoy a great start of the weekend.

    xx Tamara Chloé


    • 27th January 2015 / 1:47 pm

      Good point Tamara! Thanks for the lovely compliment as well! xxx

  2. 25th January 2015 / 2:30 pm

    True Readers klink heel erg leuk, wat mij betreft mag je hem zo houden haha! Deze outfit staat je ook weer erg mooi en de oversized coat geeft mij shop kriebels, I Like It A Lot! <3

  3. 27th January 2015 / 2:08 am

    I’m obsessed with your embellished dress – so pretty and unique! I love the accessories you chose too. You look amazing.

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