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green outfit post

I don’t know why but it seems like whenever I’m travelling the next day I can’t sleep. Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for London so I need to get up early in the morning. I’m sooo not a morning person but I really can’t complain… I’m going to London! I’ll do my best to make some cool snapshots and come back with tips of places to eat. If you have tips for me, I’d love to hear #sharingiscaring. I love exploring new cafes! Ohh I now remember that I still need to show you some photos that I made while I was in London 2 months ago. That will be on the blog soon as well! 


The outfit kinda speaks for itself colorful, playful and feminine. That’s exactly how I feel right now. I bet you’ve noticed the change of hairstyle too. It was just for this outfit post. That’s the beauty of extensions #LOL. I love changing hair like changing outfits…

green zara skirt green zara blazer

green zara skirt green zara blazer
green zara skirt green zara blazer
floral shirt with green zara blazer chelsea boots
green zara blazer green zara skirt with pearl necklace
green zara blazer green zara skirt
golden polette eyewear green outfit post
floral shirt with green blazer and green skirt
green zara blazer and polette golden sunglasses
green zara blazer golden polette eyewear
Shirt: The Sting / Skirt: Zara / Blazer: Zara / Sunnies: Polette / Boots: H&M


  1. 18th February 2015 / 12:23 am

    Ok. This look is A MA ZING !!!! Love love love love that green colour ! The suit is gorgeous and the top is super cute ! Love the sunnies, can't wait to receive mine ! *w* You look gorgeous !!!

    Win Pink in Tokyo clothing !

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