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Welcome back! So I promised to be back with a travel diary of my trip to London. So here it is.

These are pictures that I made when I was there in December. The picture were taken at Portobello Road, Camden Town, Tower Bridge, London Eye / Big Ben and Kensington!

So the next few pictures were taken at Portobello Road. This was my first time going there. A friend told me that I should really pay a visit and so I did. If you are a foodie, but I mean a REAL foodie hahaha you’re at the right place. Portobello Market is full with vintage shops, souvenir shops, cafes and lots of streetfood. The streetfood varies. You can find Italian food, African food you name it. Whatever you wanna eat you’ll find and at a cheap price as well! When you’re there and you fancy bubble tea, visit Bubbleology. Such a cool and colorful place to drink your favorite bubble tea! Portobello Road is in Notting Hill where you can find so many pretty buildings in pastel colors. I really love this neighbourhood.nothing hill pastel building
buiding in portobello roadpastries at portobello road marketbubbleology in nothing hill
pastries at portobello road marketitalian food at portobello road market
beautiful building in kensington
You can’t leave London without visiting the Tower Bridge, The London Eye and The Big Ben.. I love to go sightseeing when it’s dark. I don’t know… I just love how everything looks in the dark. I started at the London Eye, I didn’t go inside though which is something I still wanna do. From there on I walked my way to the Big Ben. During your walk towards the Big Ben, you will witness an amazing view you would love to capture! I visited The Tower Bridge on a different day. The view of this bridge by night is incredible. Even my camera couldn’t capture how it is in real life. You can also access the upper part so you can have a view of London. This is something I really want to do in day time. I’ve seen photos and you literally walk on glass while you see the traffic beneath you!
tower bridge by night london
big ben by night in london
big ben and london eye by night in london
Camden Town is really something else. How can a place be so vibrant?! This area is very multicultural and you can recognize it by their streetfood and the shops. You can find the commercial shops here too like H&M, but you’ll find some local vintage and art shops as well. By the way, if you’re a sneakerhead, do go to Camden. I couldn’t even count how many sneaker stores there were! It’s a creative place where you can just create your own style and vibe. You’ll find people singing, lots of music playing and a bunch of cool street art. Need a place to eat or drink? No worries at all cause in Camden there are a bunch of cafes, burger restaurants, Chinese food, Mexican food, pastries etc.
camdenlock by night in camden town
mexican food in camden town
chinese food at camden town
Even if you’re not gonna buy anything, go and stroll around Harrods. It’s situated at Knightsbridge, not far from Central London. It’s like a fashion museum I’m telling you ahaha! I still haven’t figured out how everything just fits one building. It will take you some hours for you to check out every department. It’s very unique how one department leads to another. Want a break? They have their own cafeteria where you can buy huge sandwiches and luxurious pastries or even do groceries. Yep and there’s a Laduree as well!
harrods by night
underground logo in london
coffee at costa
Last week, I went to a restaurant near Borough Market called Black and Blue. It’s a very nice place to have a drink or to have something to eat. I had myself a cocktail and a friend of mine decided to eat their delicious brownie with vanilla icecream!
cocktail at black and blue
brownie at black and blue london

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  1. 24th February 2015 / 4:49 pm

    Wil je even stoppen met al dat lekkere eten te plaatsen? Niet goed voor me hahahaa.
    Leuke foto's, vooral die pastel gekleurde huisjes met een balkonnetje, zo pretty!

  2. 24th February 2015 / 8:25 pm

    This photo diary is superb. I want to eat all those beautiful foods!

  3. 5th August 2015 / 11:15 am

    Beauty shop Burberry is one of the reason for for being London as my favorite shopping spot. In addition, such places like London Bridge, Tower Bridges and some most visited museums are the reason for being a great place to visit.

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