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Hi guys, I hope you’re having a great week so far. I don’t know how it is in your country right now but in The Netherlands for example, the temperature is rising up #FINALLY! Tomorrow it’s going to be almost 30 degrees celsius! I also have a confession to make… I’m someone who doesn’t like drinking water but we all know how important water is for the body. I used to drink a lot of fruit juices but those contain a bunch of sugar as well. I’m currently trying to live healthier. To me, it means to be more conscious of what I drink or eat during the day. I try to eliminate things that my body doesn’t need. For example I used to drink a lot of fruit juices (not self-made) the whole day through without drinking a glas of water.  I could neglect water for two days if you’d ask me. Luckily, I replaced it by drinking water instead. I’m not fond of water but I’ve found ways to make it quite yummy to drink hahah and seriously I can drink more than 1L a day #imsoproud. In the morning, during lunch or even at dinner I have my water bottle right by my side #itaintgoingnowhere. Today I’m sharing my tips on how to drink more water without getting bored of it…
Try using mint
mint leaves for infused water
I remember when I disliked mint leaves in my beverages. When friends and I went out for dinner and if one would order a mint-tea afterwards, I couldn’t understand how people could swallow it. I agree that there are certain things you need to learn how to eat/drink. I forced my self to drink mint-tea or to add mint in my water which eventually has made be enjoy the taste of it in my beverages. The scent of mint leaves is very strong so you don’t need that many for in your water or tea to make it tasteful.  
mint leaves for infused water
Try using lemons
lemons for infused water water tip to get hydrated
For me, I enjoy lemon slices in my water the best. It’s refreshing and it adds a subtle fruit flavor to the water. Lemon is a good alternative to add to your water as it contains a high level of vitamin C which helps in improving the immune system. It also reduces skin blemishes and help improve skin complexion. This low-cal drink also boost the metabolism and could help improve weight-loss. These are just a few advantages of lemons in water. We could go on and on about the benefits of lemons in general! There are tons of it. I suggest to try this out! It’s delicious
infused water with lemons water tip
Try using cucumberinfused water with cucumbers water tip
When I use cucumber, I often add mint as well because cucumbers don’t have a strong taste. Cucumbers are 95% of water so I like adding mint leaves as well to give it a little bit more flavor. Cucumbers rehydrates the body and help the body eliminate toxins. This vegetable is also full of vitamins which acts as an energy booster and it helps to stimulate hair growth so keep adding those greens y’all!
cucumber infused water healthy lifestyle
That’s it! These are the 3 ways  that works for me to drink enough water on a daily basis. Infused water is a perfect way to enjoy water with different flavors without getting unnecessary sugars and calories inside. You can be as creative as you want to be when it comes to infused water. You can add strawberries, cherries, blueberries and so on. The flavor is completely up to you! Tell me, do you often drink infused water as well? Which fruits do you add into your water?


  1. 12th June 2015 / 7:14 pm

    i often make detox drinks now! way more easier to drink then just normal water 🙂

  2. 14th June 2015 / 7:48 pm

    Gorgeos post <3 Water with lemons is so refreshing! Love it!

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