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bobbi brown art stick blog review color sunset orange
It’s weekend! How is your week going so far? Busy? Relaxing? Tell me all about it. You might have noticed that once a while I share some of my favorite beauty products during the weekend. I want to do it more cause I’m getting more and more interested in make-up. Hey, can you blame me if my sister is a beauty youtuber hahah! I’m going to tell you all about a new item that recently joined the make-up stash which is the Bobbi Brown Art Stick. Scroll down to read more ladies!

bobbi brown art stick blog review color sunset orange
bobbi brown beauty guide/book art stick review cosmetics
What is the Bobbi Brown Art Stick & what makes it so special?
The Bobbi Brown Art Sticks is a multitasking lip pencil that transforms into a lipstick & lip liner so you can get a beautiful plumped-up pout wherever you go. The art stick leaves a creamy matte finish. The creamy matte finish is created by the perfect blend of emollients ingredients & Shea butter. These Art Sticks are available in various shades and they all come with its sharpener as well #handy! They cost about $28 and in The Netherlands you can buy them for 27 euros.

bobbi brown cosmetics art stick blog review color sunset orange
What do I think of this product?
So I chose to go for a very bright color which would stand out more with my skin tone. That’s the reason I went for an orange color. If you’re looking for an orang tone of the Art Sticks, you can go for the color Sunset Orange. I must say I was quite sceptical with this product because I’ve tried many lip pencils before & I’m frequently not satisfied with the quality. Nowadays, I’m also a huge fan of the lip pencils of MAC Cosmetics so that is the reason why I was quite sceptical to try out a new one. I was surprised that the Bobbi Brown Art Stick was better than expected! 
The lip pencil is highly pigmented and you don’t need much to create the perfect finish. Remember that this is not totally matte! It has that creamy texture towards it. So if you’re looking for something in between creamy & matte, then this might be something you’re looking for! The Bobbi Brown Art Stick does stay on for quite some hours. You can also add a little bit of your lip balm for the color to spread more evenly on the lips and to give it a more shiny glow. I wouldn’t use it before the application because this can lead to the color not being as highly pigmented as it should be. So if you feel like you’re lips are becoming a bit dry or chapped, just apply a little bit of you lip balm to moisturise the lips & to make the color brighten up even more! The only thing I disliked about the Bobbi Brown Art Stick it that it leaves a #notsopretty thick line around lips when it’s starting to fade. 
If I add a new Bobbi Brown Art Stick to my stash then I would go for a different color. A more deeper & darker tone. The color that I went for this time is very outspoken so I tend to wear this more during the summer months. I would recommend this product if you’re really into the lip pencils that give that creamy finish. The color does stay on for quite some hours as well so you won’t be using it that often. The Art Stick is also very pigmented so you won’t be needing a lot of it to create the perfect look. What I also love about the color (Sunset Orange) is that it looks remarkable on every skin tone. It looks beautiful on ladies with a very light skin to ladies with a dark skin complexion. This color is a color that simply look stunning on everyone! Are you curious on how it looks on me?! Scroll down to see some snap shots! Do let me know what you think of it!
bobbi brown cosmetics art stick blog review color sunset orange
Wearing the Bobbi Brown Art Stick // Color: Sunset Orange
applying the bobbi brown art stick sunset orange review cosmetics applying the bobbi brown art stick sunset orange cosmetics review
bobbi brown art stick sunset orange review cosmetics

Try the Bobbi Brown Art Stick below!
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Have you ever tried out the Bobbi Brown Art Sticks before?


  1. 1st August 2015 / 9:17 pm

    Oh wat een gave kleur zeg, hij staat je echt heel erg goed! En wat is het toch een prachtig product en wat heb je alles weer mooi vast gelegd πŸ˜‰ leuk dat je meer met beauty gaat doen!

  2. 2nd August 2015 / 10:34 am

    Girl, your hair is gorgeous!!! β™‘

  3. 16th August 2015 / 8:43 pm

    Ooooooooooooh duuuude wear this colour all day errrr day cause it looks so good on you!
    Don't go for a deeper, darker colour. It's summer and these bright colours look amazing on you πŸ™‚

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