#mylifeinlondon | Week 47

Whatsuppppp! How are you doing today? Any plans for the weekend?! First of all, thanks for the lovely comments I received on the previous post New Relationships. I appreciate every single comment you guys drop on my page, really! I decided to start #mylifeinlondon to post several Instagram pictures about my life in this big city & what I’ve been up to! So this is a perfect invitation to follow me on Instagram as well hihihi. 

1. One of the best things in London is the overdose of burger restaurants! That day, me and a few colleagues decided to go all wild at Five Guys. People, if you’re in London and you love burgers definitely visit that spot. It is de-li-cious!
2. One of the things I love to do is taking pretty iconic picture of London and I bet y’all know the oval shaped building called the Gherkin! Isn’t it beautiful?
3. This picture is in my opinion one of my favourite pictures I’ve taken so far in London hahah. I don’t know, it just makes me smile. I love the colors, shapes just everything about it. This picture was taken while me and friend visited the Sky Garden in London. I’ll write a full post about this location asap because this is also a hidden gem you need to discover while you’re in London! 
4. One of my best friends came to visit me from Belgium and we decided to stroll around Camden and we saw some amazing street art in that area. Say cheeeeeeese!
5. Ever heard of the place called Duck & Waffle? It’s a fancy restaurant on top of The Heron Tower. I read a lot of reviews about this place so I convinced my friend to join me for dinner. I must say, I really didn’t enjoy my dinner HOWEVER the view that I had was EPIC!

6. I took this picture in Covent Garden. I really loved this installation ’cause it was festive yet kinda romantic in a way. This piece of art that you see was created by the French artist called Charles Petillion. The installation consisted of a 100.000 balloons all together. Can you imagine?! A 100.000 balloons!

7. Just me having my Insta-Moment before eating my Shake Shack burger.

8. I find this picture to be very interesting don’t you think? I was at the Louis Vuitton exhibition a few months ago and it was pretty interesting. One of the things that I love about London is that you can attend loads of galleries, exhibitions, museums with different themes almost every week for FREE! Yes you read it… for free hahah. 
9. Ohh gosh, I didn’t even realize I had that much food pics in this collage. Well this kinda sums up my life in London. I eat too much outside the house which needs to stop. This is another #flatlay at the restaurant Nando’s. Not my favourite but if you love chicken, it’s worth visiting.
10. Last but not least is another snapshot of the same day I went to Duck & Waffle. Look how serious I’m looking at the menu. It’s like I’m reading through an exam paper hahaha. 
Anyways folks, that’s it for #mylifeinlondon. Feel free to follow me on Instagram by the name @itstrue.blog. Drop your Insta name in the comment section so I can follow you too. Would love to connect. Also what I’m going to say might sound really cheesy but let’s show some more love to one another. Let’s help one another. Whatever you feel like you can do for someone that might bring a bit of change or help is worth doing. Even if that one single person is you, do it. Let’s love more. Love doesn’t know any color, race, gender, social class etc. It’s a simple thing we all need. I just needed to get it off my chest. Now go enjoy your weekend! xoxo

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