outfit of the day wearing an orange sweater from forevere21 and jeans skirt from asos

Helloooo there! As you might have noticed I’ve been MIA for quite some time. This is something that quite frustrates me as well but at the end there are just a few things that I need to prioritize hence the absence but I’m going to do my very best to at least give you an update of what I’ve been doing once a week. I’ve missed you!
 What I’ve realized in being in a different country is the fact new relationships need to be built. I must say for me it can get quite overwhelming. Everyday you see new faces, you introduce yourself, you try to find something to talk about. It’s fun but at times it can be quite overwhelming. With that I mean, you try to find people with whom you feel comfortable with, with whom you a lot in common. It’s not always the case. Besides that, new relationships have to be built regarding my blog as well. It’s like I’m starting all over. Unlike when I was in The Netherlands, I now have to start building relationships with PR agencies, brands and so on. It’s a new challenge. I must say I wasn’t really happy of the idea of starting all over but then I looked at it from a different perspective. I’m in an amazing vibrant city, with loads of creativity and events going on which can be very relevant for my blog as well. It’s a challenge & I can finally say I’m ready for it.
outfit of the day wearing an orange jumper from forever21
wearing an orange jumper with a jeans skirt from asos
outfit post wearing a orange jumper from forever21
outfit of the day wearing an orange jumper from forever21

Sweater: Forever21 // Skirt: Asos // Shoes: H&M // Bag: Michael Kors // Earrings: Swarovski

photography by Rebecca Botin


  1. 19th November 2015 / 9:06 am

    I'm starting to come out of my blogging she'll and embrace what I do, and I would love to see your tips on how this new start is panning out for you. So I know where to go and how to go about things (re: PR Agencies etc)

    BLEURGH – http://www.bleurghnow.com

    • 21st November 2015 / 12:42 am

      Thanks for your comment girl! I will definitely help you out as soon as I have all off the best tips to share! X

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