Finally, The Hair Vitamins That Work!

hairfinity vitamins product review by trudy danso

Hey guys! The title of the post says it all, I’m going to reveal which hair supplement that has been working for me. Do bear in mind that this is very personal, what works for me might now work for you, however I really want to talk about how satisfied I am about these hair supplements that I’ve been using for a while now… Hairfinity

hairfinity supplement product review by trudy danso

I came across this brand about 1,5 years ago on Instagram. I saw a lot of celebrities and well known bloggers promoting the product and in my mind I was like ”Here we go again with another bogus marketing.” It’s funny cause I still felt intrigued to try these vitamins because I remember I was having hair loss, breakage and my edges were… well I almost didn’t have any. So I gave these supplements a green light. So they come in a bottle with 60 capsules (2 capsules need to be taken each day) which is enough for a month. I’ve tried Hairfinity twice however not continuously. I always take it for a month and then I stop because frankly speaking I hate taking pills. Even if I’m sick, I really dislike it!

Anyhow, I’ve used the supplements for a month and this is what I’ve noticed after one month taking the Hairfnity: I got my edges back hahaha no really the hair growth on the edges went super fast. The second thing I noticed when I took Hairfinity was the thickness and shine of my hair. The texture of my hair is normally medium but after a month my hair was really thick. I even got compliments about how healthy my hair looked like. This is not really hair related but another thing I noticed the nails growth! Whenever I take these vitamins my nails grow so fast and they become very strong as well!

hairfinity supplements review by trudy danso fashion blog

So Hairfinity also promotes hair growth. From my experience, I didn’t see any hair growth and the reason is quite simple I guess. I always take the supplements just for one month and a month is simply too short to actually see visible hair growth.
But overall, I’m really really satisfied with these supplements. It’s also for all hair types.  I’m a person that doesn’t like to take any supplements or pills whatsoever but these are actually worth it. I can only recommend to try them out. Do bare in mind that this can have a different affect on you than on me. Some people say they get break out from it or they don’t see any results whatsoever… I just went for my gut feeling and read through Hairfinity’s Instagram page and the feedback from other users simply convinced me to give it a go! I started taking them some days ago and I might just go for 2 months this time! I always order the vitamins via the brand’s main website but you can also get them on Amazon. So have you ever used Hairfinity before?

hairfinity supplements review by trudy danso


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      Thank you so much for the compliment! X

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    These look amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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