How To Create New Content When You Don’t Have Any Inspiration?

How To Create New Content When You Don't Have Any Inspiration?
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We all have those days when we look at our screen and think ”what in the world can I write about today?” I have those days at times too but there are ways of making sure you always can provide content on your blog or at least to stick to your blogging schedule. I always say quality is more important than quantity however you have to bear in mind that if you want your page views and community to grow, you will have to be consistent with the content that you post on your platform. I’m going to talk you through 3 tips how you can manage to deliver amazing content even if you have zero inspiration.

1. Plan ahead of time
It just crossed my mind that I do use the ”planning ahead” tip a lot but it’s so so so important. I remember those days where I didn’t post that frequent because I did not have any inspiration. And I’ve always been that person that if I don’t have anything to talk about I will not post an article. Well little did I know that you do not have to post something that moment of time but if I had prepared articles beforehand I would have content waiting for me to be published on the blog.
Planning ahead of time simply helps you to actually think about the topics that you want to cover during the month and helps you schedule the articles so that you remain consistent. Even during times when you out of inspiration, you will have articles to post and that is such a relief!

How To Create New Content When You Don't Have Any Inspiration?

2. Think in the world of themes
When you don’t have any inspiration, think about categorizing your content into themes. This really helps! For example, if your blog is about travel, you can think about themes such as ”travel diaries” ”your top X destinations” ”travel gear” ”travel tips when on a budget” and you can go on and on and on. So in that Travel category you can categorize your content into subcategories. These themes are ongoing so you will always have content on your blog but as I said in the first tip, it starts with planning ahead!

3. Guestbloggin’
Manage to find other bloggers who would be interested to create articles for your blog that will be relevant for your audience to read. I’ve put this one as the last option because you will have to rely on other bloggers’ time and that can affect your planning so I have put this as the last option. However I think this is also a great way to produce a varierty of content on your blog. This can also be refreshing at times and this creates new relationships between you and other bloggers which is great! Not only does this helps you to come up with content for your blog, it can also have a big impact on your page views. This is because you will have visitors from the guest blogger checkin’ your blog out too. It’s a perfect win-win situation. In order to find guest bloggers is to simply send out emails to the bloggers that you think will deliver the same quality of content as you do on your blog.

How To Create New Content When You Don't Have Any Inspiration?

Voila! These 3 tips definitely worked out for me and I’m sure it will for you too if you think you do not have any inspiration for content on your blog. So that’s it for today guys. I hope these 3 tips were handy. I would love to hear your comment on this article below!

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