3 Important Things That Google Analytics Tells You About Your Audience

3 Important Things That Google Analytics Tells You About Your Audience
Source: KT Ramshaw
Hi guys, welcome back to It’s True Blog. So for today’s Blog Guide I want to tell you 3 important information that Google Analytics tells you that you definitely need to know in order to improve your blog. For those who aren’t using Google Analytics, I really suggest you do. I know it can be complicated at times but just start browsing on it to get a sense of all the information you can find on Google Analytics, plus there are loads of tutorials available on Youtube as well. For me, these are 3 things Google Analytics provides that I really find interesting to know about my audience.

Demographics of your audience / visitors
When you’re running your blog, whether you’re doing it full-time or part-time it is important to know who your audience are. If I would ask you describe your audience… would you be able to tell me in a few sentences a bit about them and what they like? If not, that’s when Google Analytics comes in that provides you the information you need to know about your audience. For example when it comes to It’s True blog, I know that most of the readers are female between the age of 18 – 24 years old. These women mainly from the United States, United Kingdom and The Netherlands. Google Analytics allows you to amend the information that you wish to see. You can choose to see these demographic information on a weekly basis, monthly or even a few months back to get an overall overview. Furthermore, you can filter if you want to see the demographics about the new visitors, returning visitors or both. It’s up to you. I prefer to have an insight of both.
Knowing the demographic is really important because you can also do more research online about what these people like and how tech-savvy they are. If you know that those between between that age group love being on Instagram, then you know Instagram is where you need to be to reach and connect with your audience.

3 Important Things That Google Analytics Tells You About Your Audience

Technology used by your audience
We all know how important technology has become in our lives and how technology influences how we deliver information for people to read. Understanding how your audience retrieve information is a important thing that you need to know when you are blogging. As bloggers, all we want is to inspire and inform people about something, so we do our best to seek our audience that are willing to read our articles. Google Analytics shows which devices your audience is using to read your articles. Let’s say Google Analytics shows you that the majority of your readers use their mobile devices to read your articles but you haven’t made your website responsive yet. That’s unfortunate because reading a website that isn’t optimized to be read on other device such as tablets and mobile phones makes your website less user-friendly.
So this information that Google Analytics provides is vital to determine how to navigate your audience to your platform which causes your website to be user-friendly.

Network referrals
Social media play such an important role for us publishers/bloggers. Social media might play the most important role when it comes to sharing your articles for people to read for free. When we share our articles on several social media channels we as bloggers/publishers need to be aware about the fact that some social media platforms wouldn’t generate the results that we are looking for but which ones do? Google Analytics shows which social media platforms you receive the most referrals from . This means there is where most of your readers go to and from there land on your website. This information is super important because why would you waste your time sharing your articles on a social media platform that just doesn’t attract readers while you can just use your time and focus on the platforms that work for you and your website.

So that’s it for today guys. Are you already using Google Analytics? What are the information you value the most when you’re on Google Analytics?

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