Captured through The Coloured Lens By Marianne Paul

I’m so so thrilled to share the images that were created by the incredibly talented Marianne Paul. I came across her work on Instagram and in my mind I was like how cool would it be to actually collaborate with her. That same day she sent out an Instagram post saying that she was looking for girls for her upcoming project called The Coloured Lens. This was my calling hahaha. I sent her an image and that’s how it happened. But who is this artist/photographer called Marianne Paul?
Marianne Paul is a Nigerian photographer based in London who focuses on storytelling and expression human behaviour. These are also the elements that intrigued me when I saw her work on Instagram. She calls her photography work simple and candid. Another thing what I love about Marianne Paul is that she places an emphasis on the beauty of Black and Minority Ethnic individuals. With this vision in mind, she wants to make changes in the mainstream media where these ethnic minorities groups majority of the time get ignored. Marianne as an artist wants to create a stage for Black and minority ethnic women to tell their story through raw and natural beauty
Please show this amazing and talented girl some love on her Instagram page and check her website out as well. What do you think of her pictures she took of me?
Photos by: Marianne Paul

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