3 Tips On How To Travel Once A Year When On A Budget

How To Travel Atleast Once A Year When On A Budget

Hi guys! How are you? I’ve been fortunate enough to travel at least once a year to different cities around the world while being student who was also on a budget. Traveling is one of my favorite things I like to do so I always make sure I can still see parts of the world by saving some cash and looking out for good deals. So here are 3 tips on how you can travel at least once a year when you’re on a budget.

1. Budget airlines are the answer!
Seriously, budget airlines are a life savor when you want to travel frequently. If you live in Europe and you want to travel within European countries, Ryan Air for example frequently have very good and cheap deals. Will you believe me that last year during Black Friday I bought a return ticket from London to Dublin for just £5? I’m not joking, it only cost me the same price as I would pay for a Big Mac menu at McDonalds! Keeping your eyes open for deals at budget airlines will definitely allow you to become the #globetrotter you always wanted to be.

How To Travel Atleast Once A Year When On A Budget

2. Skip hotels and go for Airbnb
When it comes to traveling, most of the time it’s the accommodation that it’s the priciest of them all. But even that can be cheap by going for other alternatives other than choosing to sleep at a hotel. I really love rejuvenating at hotels but since I’ve tried Airbnb I must say that I’m lovin that too! I’ve tried Airbnb 3 times and I had a great experience with all three of them. Airbnb can be expensive ofcourse but trust me you can find some good deals on it too. You can actually have a feeling like you’re living like a local. Airbnb for example gives you the option to rent a room at someone’s house/flat or to rent the entire apartment for yourself. 
Another tip that enables the costs for accommodation to be low is when you have a friend/partner you can travel with. I traveled to Madrid in April together with my classmate. We just split the cost for the Airbnb apartment and got ourselves a really nice apartment in a quiet & beautiful area for a low price.
Besides Airbnb, there are other alternatives that are even cheaper such as couchsurfing (literally sleeping on someone’s couch) and going for hostels. I wouldn’t be able to give you any advice on that the last two because I’ve never had an experience with any of them.

How To Travel Atleast Once A Year When On A Budget

3. Avoid weekends and peak seasons
Avoiding peak seasons or weekends are at times hard to do. Maybe because of your timetable at uni, children’s day off or work. It might be so that the weekends or the holiday seasons are the ones that fit your schedule the best. During those times, the prices for tickets are most likely high. If there is any chance you can get some few days off from work or if you’ve found a gap from your busy schedule from you uni, I would recommend to book a flight during weekdays or outside the holiday season. Prices can be 50% cheaper or even less when you book outside those peak periods.
Also, booking in advance will save you some cash on flight tickets as well. For example I’m traveling to Ghana this month and I purchased the tickets already in October. I got them for a good deal even though I’ll be there during the Christmas season. My young sister will be traveling to Ghana this month as well but because she booked it two weeks ago, she paid about 250 euros more than I had for almost the same traveling period. Say you really want to visit Portugal for example, start browsing around the websites of the budget airlines. Determine which days or months are the cheapest and see if you can work your schedule around it.

How To Travel Atleast Once A Year When On A Budget

These tips have helped me a lot to travel to a few cities in Europe once a year without spending tons and tons of money😉. I hope these tips were useful for you too. Are you planning to go somewhere in 2017? Which countries are currently on your bucket list?

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  1. 3rd December 2016 / 9:35 pm

    I agree with most of your tips. however sometimes Air Bnb is more expensive than hotels, especially now that we can find pretty good deals on the internet 🙂



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