Why It’s Time You Should Cut Off Your ”Friends”

Why You Should Cut Off Your ''Friends''

Hi guys, happy you are back to read a brand new article. I’ve decided today to start with something new on the blog which I already do on Youtube which is the True’s True Talk. True’s True Talk is all about personal development. See it as me and you catching up over coffee and we just share our life experiences. I will giving advice on certain topics that I have experienced and share my tips on how I would have dealt with it during that time if I knew better. Today’s topic is why it is time to cut your ”friends” off.

It might sound harsh but it’s time to cut off those ”friends” off who you might see as friends but deep down inside you know the only thing they do is bring you down. One thing I can tell you is that these friends are toxic. I’ve had times where I had friends that I liked and thought they were super kind but to be honest never were supportive of anything that came out of my mouth. They might be friendly and fun but whenever you come back home from meeting them you feel down, judged, useless and far from motivated in whatever you’re doing. I know girls that have these so called friends but still hang out with them. I know it may sound pretty straightforward that those aren’t your friends so you should stop hanging out with them but at times you just tend to give people the benefit of the doubt and question yourself rather than them. That shouldn’t be the case! If these ”friends” make you feel like that than it’s time to seriously cut off the friendship and trust be you’ll be so happy that you did it! Here is why you should surround yourself with positive like-minded people.

1. You can be your true self
Whenever you surround yourself with legit friends you know that you can be your true self. Those friends like you for who you are and you simply get to feel comfortable around them. One thing I absolutely find obnoxious is when people criticize or continuously question why I am the way that I am or do the things that I do👎. There is nothing wrong with expressing how you feel regarding some decisions that someone has made but I don’t believe in putting people down for choosing to do something that you maybe personally wouldn’t do because of fear, uncertainty and so on. For example, if you have a friend who says she wants to quite her well paying job to travel the world for a year, why would you discourage the person? I mean, if I wouldn’t do it, I would express my thoughts too and explain why I wouldn’t. Sharing your pinion is okay, that’s what friends are for. But discouraging friends is just outrageous. To me, there is nothing more liberating to find people in life that not always agree what you do but are there to give you the best advice they have. There is also nothing more liberating than being your self when you’re around your friends without feeling judged, left out or unaccomplished in a way.

2. Motivate and push each other
Surrounding yourself with good people has a positive influence on your self-esteem. Surround yourself with people that can give you advice instead of discouraging you in your life decisions. What I have experienced when I surrounded myself with people that are not continuously negative is that it also helped me stay motivated. We are all humans and we all have days when we feel down or simply not motivated in whatever we are doing. But when you have those true friends, they will be there to talk some sense in your head😅 and it vice versa. You simply just motivate each other and push each other to excel in whatever you’re doing or wish to do. Those are the friends you keep close.

So that’s it for today True’s True Talk. Tell me, have you been in a situation when you felt it is time to cut off my ”friends”
Why You Should Cut Off Your ''Friends''

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