Why You Should Read The Book: #Girlboss

why you should read the book #girlboss by sophia amoruso
Hi guys! Today I want to talk about a book I just finished reading a week ago. It is probably one of the most regrammed pictures on Instagram hahaha. It’s #Girlboss! Okay so this is going to look like a book club but I recently started reading books again and I thought to myself, why not share some interesting books I’m reading with you guys. I have seen so many #flatlay pictures where this book has been unmissable. I wasn’t too convinced to start reading #Girlboss however when I saw it in a book shop I wanted to give it a try.

I really enjoyed reading this book because it’s real. And when I say real I mean the author, Sophia Amoruso doesn’t sugar coat the fashion industry, her business (Nasty Gal) and her weaknesses and strengths. I love the way she is openly talks about weaknesses when it comes to business and the fact that she didn’t know so many terms and practices when it comes to having your own business. In her book she gives other people, mainly her team all the credits for being so talented.
This book covers chapters where she talks about her teenage years when she simply didn’t fit in school, the amount of part-time jobs she took but it all become a torture because she simply didn’t enjoy it, her love for fashion (vintage), her signing up for Ebay and how that Ebay shop Nasty Gal has now turned into a million dollar business.
Another thing I really liked about his book is that Sophia looks back on her experiences of not fitting in, getting fired at jobs and simply not knowing what to do in life and explains how these experiences became an epiphany that in order for her to be happy and stick to a job for years, she would have to do something she really loves doing otherwise it would not work out. I love the way she reflects on her past and still mentions how much she learned during these ”dark” times in her life and how a lot of her ”shitty” jobs she calls it, have given her some skills to set up her online business.
why you should read the book #girlboss by sophia amoruso
This book really is a confident-booster especially when you are currently in a position where you really have so many ideas in your mind that you really want to make it happen, but you are unsure or not confident enough to do it. #Girlboss gives you the harsh facts of being your own boss, the hard work and devotion that comes with it. I would recommend this book to any person who wants to get inspired and is on the edge of starting their own start-up or company in whichever field. You will love it!
why you should read the book #girlboss by sophia amoruso
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