4 Reasons Why You should Visit Ghana

4 Reasons Why You should Visit Ghana

Hi guys, hope you all had a lovely weekend. Today I want to give you 4 reasons why you should visit Ghana. I can speak from experience because I’m Ghanaian. Despite me not being born there I have been there ever since I was a little girl. So where is why you should add Ghana onto your bucket list this year!

4 Reasons Why You should Visit Ghana
1. Delicious and diverse gastronomy
I know saying delicious is very subjective but honestly it’s true! The Ghanaian cuisine is very diverse. If you a meat-eater or vegetarian you will have a broad option to choose from. The Ghanaian cuisine offers a lot of healthy dishes. The thing is, people don’t often use products from cans and such. For example, dishes made with tomatoes will be made with fresh tomatoes and not the ones you can get from a can. Vegetables are most likely bought at the local vegetable/fruit market. A lot of Ghanaian dishes are made with with ingredients like spinach, tomatoes or garden eggs
Accra is also the place to be if you are a foodie. The capital is full with different types of restaurants where you can enjoy your meal while listening to a live band. Over the past couple of years, a lot of restaurants and (lounge/cocktail) bars with cool concepts have opened their doors in this capital city.

2. Friendly locals
If there is any place where the locals are hospitable, open and friendly it would be Ghana. As a tourist I’m sure you will immediately feel at home. Ghanaians in general are frequently intrigued to know where you are traveling from and are keen to tell you more about Ghana
3. Rich culture
Ghana is a country with a very rich culture and history. If you’re planning to go to Ghana, you will not get bored because there is loads of landmarks to visit which are very intriguing. I have been to Ghana several times yet I still have loads of places that I need to visit. Places I would definitely recommend to pay a visit are Cape Coast Castle, Elmina Castle, Kwame Nkruma Memorial Park, Kakum National Park, Independence Square, Labadi Beach. This is just a short list of a few landmarks that Ghana has to offer but those are the places that I’ve actually also been to.

4. Work hard, play harder
Ghana is also a destination to unwind, relax and enjoy the hot weather. In Accra you will find a lot of beach resorts and boutique hotels where you can go and have a swim even if you’re not staying at the particular hotel. Want to chill at the beach instead? Not to worry. Ghana offers different beaches like, Labadi beach, Coco beach, Kokrobite beach, Elmina beach and so on. It all depends on what activities you’re looking for and how busy you prefer the beach to be. I personally love the beaches around Cape Coast and Elmina. They are breathtaking!

That was it for today guys. Have I managed to convince you to visit Ghana or have you been to Ghana before? Drop your comment below😌 PS: I’ve also uploaded my third Ghana Vlog where I ”met” the president of Ghana. Have a look! 

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