How To Cook Ghanaian Food: Kenke With Fried Fish (Ghana Vlog)

How To Cook Ghanaian Food (Ghana Vlog) kenke with fried fish

Hi guys, how is the week going? If you’re following me on Instagram, you have seen loads of pictures from Accra, Ghana. I arrived back in Dublin yesterday and I’m already missing Ghana like crazy. I will be uploading a few vlogs that I created while I was over there. Today I’ve uploaded a new vlog and it’s totally different that my other Ghana vlogs. I really want to be good in cooking Ghanaian dishes and my dad is someone who absolutely loves to cook. So I decided to create a vlog while we’re cooking lunch together. Our lunch for the day was: kenke with fried fish. Check it out, and oh don’t forget to subscribe my channel for more Ghana vlogs!☺

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