Why Every Girlboss Should Read Little Black BookHi everyone. Thanks for joining me today with another article here on It’s True Blog. I recently just finished reading the book of Otegha Uwagba called the Little Black Book. Today I’m going to discuss Why Every Girlboss Should Read Little Black Book.

Easy To Read

I was at the book section in Urban Outfitters and this tiny pink book caught my attention. By the way I have to say the book section at Urban Outfitters is literally my favorite place to be. Their book selection are perfect for travelers, creatives and yeah if you’re a bit quirky hahha. So I spotted Little Black Book and I quickly glanced trough it. I already knew that this one would be an easy read. It’s just 113 pages with clear topics, chapters and paragraphs. The perfect thing is, it doesn’t take much space in your bag and it’s doesn’t weigh a thing! You’ll finish reading this book in the blink of an eye.

Why Every Girlboss Should Read Little Black Book

Toolkit for working women

As the book says, it’s a toolkit for working women. In my opinion, this book is especially interesting for Millennials who perhaps just graduated for school, or is at their early stage in their career. It’s book is also perfect for women who have decided to kickstart their freelance business. This book is full of accurate tips and tricks on how to be on top of your finances, how to be organized, how to deal with stress and meditate, how to combine your 9 to 5 with your freelance job, how to learn new skills, how to deliver good presentation and a whole lot more. In this book you will also find motivational advice and quotes from inspirational women in business.

Why Every Girlboss Should Read Little Black Book

Why Every Girlboss Should Read Little Black Book

Why Every Girlboss Should Read Little Black Book

Women empowering eachother

I love how the book is eventually all about women empowering women. The author of this book is very blunt as she pin points certain issues that women get exposed to when they are climbing up their career ladder or want to propose a salary increase. Otegha simply gives direct advices on how to tackle those issues and how we as women should be less apologetic and, say whats on our minds and know our worth at work. We simply shouldn’t settle for less. This book helps you become confident as working women and strives to get the best out of you an your career. I would definitely recommend this book to all of my female readers here. Especially if you have been thinking of freelancing or if you are building your career. Get Little Black Book via the link below. You can also purchase the Kindle version as well.

Have you read this book before? If yes, what do you think of it? If no, would you like to read it?


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  1. 18th October 2017 / 4:29 pm

    I agree Urban Outfitters is the plug. I would buy so much more of their books if I incorporated that into my budget. I will try to check out this book soon.

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