A Letter To Every Women: Have An Unconditional Love For Your BodyHi ladies, this post is going to be a little different. It’s more like a letter that I want to write to all women reading this article today. I want to talk about our bodies.  I have a message that I want to share with you all about our bodies. Here is my A Letter To Every Women: Have An Unconditional Love For Your Body.

It has been on my mind to write a personal letter to you but also to myself. We as women, we have always been confronted with beauty/body standards that come and go. How many times haven’t you feel pressured to have a particular body shape, hair length, skin complexion as so on. We are continuously trying to fit into the beauty standard that the society year in year out sets for us. We as women have to understand that our bodies are not a trend. My body is different than you, than my female friends, my sisters and it’s all good. The world would be boring if we all came in the same size if you think about it. We as women have to understand that beauty comes in different sizes and shapes so therefore we should also uplift and fix the crowns of other women who may look different than you and me.

A Letter To Every Women: Have An Unconditional Love For Your Body

The love hate relationship with my body

I have always been having a love hate relationship with my weight and my body shape. I’ve done gym subscription for years. I’ve been trying to eat more ”super food” and cut down the nutrients that MY body doesn’t need at the moment. In the moment of doing all this, there was something that I was preventing me to succeed to whatever ”body goal” I wanted to reach. The thing lacking was a deep, unconditional love for my body. The love that goes deeper than what my thighs look at the moment. The love that goes way beyond than what my breasts look like. That unconditional love that doesn’t care about the stretch marks on my hips. I’m talking about the solid self-love that I could have for my body as a women. It wasn’t really there or let me say… not enough.

I see so many woman bashing themselves or hating their body because they can not meet up with certain beauty trends, reach a particular weight or because they had a little more carbs and sugars the past days or weeks. I see how women mock themselves or their body shape so that others won’t do it for them.

A Letter To Every Women: Have An Unconditional Love For Your Body


That deep understanding type of love

I’ve realized that we as women will always have something about our bodies that we want to change or let me say improve. And that is okay. But what we need to have is a deep unconditional love for our bodies at this moment in time. I currently want to lose some weight that I’ve gained since I moved to Ireland. There are weeks that I manage to be very active and eat more veggies and fruits, fats and protein. But then there are weeks were I ”fail”. In the mist of it all, I have learnt to love my body no matter what. Through this unconditional love, it helps me to get back on track whenever I get of it.  This unconditional love helps me to keep being active and make it part of my lifestyle. This love it also helps me resists excessive sugars that my body doesn’t need. This love helps me remain my confident even when the scale is telling me the kg’s hasn’t gone down. Also, this love allows me to look myself in the mirror, be confronted with every part of my body and still feel confident and very feminine.  Furthermore, this love allows me to wear clothes that embraces every inch of my beautiful body without feeling uncomfortable. Lastly, this love allows me to wear an universal size, the size confidence.

A Letter To Every Women: Have An Unconditional Love For Your Body

A Letter To Every Women: Have An Unconditional Love For Your Body

A journey together

This bit that I’ve just written is coming from somewhere really deep. I’ve never written about it but it feels so good to be sharing this message with other women. Let go of the beauty standards that you see on TV, social media, magazines, red carpets, movies etc. Trust me girl, you won’t be able to catch up as these are trends. Your body is NOT a trend. Understand your body, listen to your body and love it unconditionally no matter what your body goal is at the moment. That unconditional love that is helping me, will help you reach your personal ”body goals”. This love is going to let you fit in the size confidence and trust me it’s the best fitting size I’ve ever worn. The journey is not always easy I know but together as women we can encourage each other so that we can reach those ”body goals” together. Are we in this together?

A Letter To Every Women: Have An Unconditional Love For Your Body

With love,




  1. Heidi Roland
    13th December 2017 / 5:00 pm

    Great Photos!

    • Trudy Danso
      14th December 2017 / 10:04 am

      Thank you!

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