3 Ways On How To Grow Your Email List Quickly

3 Ways On How To Grow Your Email List QuicklyHi guys, welcome back to another article on It’s True Blog. Today I’m going to show you 3 ways on how to grow your email list quickly. It’s not rocket science, it’s a matter of understanding your audience and offering them exactly what they need. Listen up

1 – Create content for your audience

Okay I had to start with this one. This tip is very important because if you’re not consistent on your themes or topics, you can pretty much forget about growing your email list. It could be that your email list will grow but not with the right audience. So for example if you mainly write about vegan pastries recipes, keep doing that because what you want is people that love baking vegan pastries to sign up for your email list.

So let’s say you switch it up and all of a sudden you start talking about how to sew clothes, you already know you’re heading towards a complete other direction. People wouldn’t be interested in signing up for your newsletters. Why? Simply because they don’t really trust the consistency of your topics. If I’m interested in vegan pastries recipes, I don’t want to receive emails on how to sew my own clothes. So that’s tip number one and an important one!

2 – Call to Action

I think you have read/heard this word like over and over again how call to action is important. It simply is and can not be ignored. If you create content and you don’t ask your audience to do something, you can’t expect any outcome. Ask, ask, ask away. There is nothing wrong with that. So if you want to grow your email list, you have to ask your readers to do so. Do bear in mind that people don’t want to get bombarded with tons of ”useless” emails so tell them what you’re going give them. When you finish creating that vegan strawberry cheesecake recipe, you can for example create a sign-up form attached to the post saying something like ”Did you like the recipe? I also have created a simple video for you where you can see the steps and the result of the cheesecake. Sign-up to receive the video in your inbox!” Did you see what I just did? Yup, a simple call to action AND I told the readers what they are going to receive when they do so. Anyone who enjoyed reading your content will love to receive what you have to offer as an extra – especially when it’s free!

3 Ways On How To Grow Your Email List Quickly

3 – Remain consistent

The last tip is to remain consistent in creating call-to actions and adding the sign-up forms for your audience to subscribe. Don’t do it just once, twice but frequent. You will see the how fast your email list is going to sky rock!

3 Ways On How To Grow Your Email List Quickly

So that’s it on 3 Ways On How To Grow Your Email List Quickly. I hope these were some helpful tips. Do you want to see the article that I posted here on the blog where I gained over 100 email subscribers? Sign-up below and get the example of the article sent to your inbox!

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