Freelance Tips: Use Quickbooks To Manage Your Business’s Finances

Freelance Tips: Use Quickbooks To Manage Your Business's FinancesHappy Monday guys! A new blog article was loooong overdue so let’s get into it straight away. I’m going to start a new series on It’s True Blog called the Freelance Tips. This is where I will share 1 tip per article on everything freelance and also some experiences so far. So today’s topic is Freelance Tips: Use Quickbooks To Manage Your Business’s Finances. I’m going to talk about an accounting software called Quickbooks and my experience so far using it as a freelancer.

When you decide to become a freelancer you need to have everything on paper and keep track of money coming in and out. Seriously, it’s so important! It can get quite overwhelming at times especially when your business is currently a one man show. When it comes to my freelance business finances I really needed help to have an overview of my expenses and income all at one place. Also, I was in need to find a solution that would help me create professional invoices that I could send quickly to my clients. That’s when Quickbooks came in…

Freelance Tips: Use Quickbooks To Manage Your Business's Finances

What is Quickbooks and the benefits?

Quickbooks is an accounting software package and it’s mainly targeted for small to medium size businesses. The good things about this software is that you can try it out for free for 30 days which I did. When the trial period was over, it was a no brainer for me whether I wanted to start paying for this software. It keeps my expenses in check and you can register all your expenses in categories like a true accountant hahaha. This enables you to have a clear chart of where and what you’re spending the most on when it comes to your business. You have access to customisable reports and dashboards to see how your business is doing in terms of profits and loses. Further it allows you to create professional invoices/sales receipts that you can send in minutes to your clients. The options are limitless and you don’t have to worry about it being too complicated to use.

Freelance Tips: Use Quickbooks To Manage Your Business's Finances

Freelance Tips: Use Quickbooks To Manage Your Business's Finances

*Snapshots from the Quickbooks website

Is it complicated?

I don’t like to deal with accounting simply because I’m not that great at it. I was a bit scared that it would be a complicated to use but it’s not! It’s so straight forward and the software makes use of various of colours and graphs to make it visually appealing and clear for the users. You can also access the software from devices such as mobile phone, desktop and tablet so that you’re always connected while being on the go. I’ve currently downloaded the app on my laptop which is so convenient. Simply because I don’t always have to go to the website and log in to have access to my information. It’s just a click away when I turn on my laoptop.

Why should a freelancer use it?

First of all you get to try it out before paying, who doesn’t love that right? I think it’s always important to experience for yourself whether or not you think this is the ideal solution for tracking and managing your finances without spending too much as a small business. Secondly, the packages are affordable. I’m currently subscribed to the smallest package which is around 13 euros a month! Furthermore, this software is so straightforward so you don’t need a background in accounting to use this. You get access to so many reports that you want more insight on of such as balance sheet, profit and loss  report and so much more. Lastly, it’s all of your finances and everything that comes with it at one place. I love the fact that you can also create invoices and get it send straight away. If you even go for a bigger package you can add a form of payment attached to the invoice. This allows your client to pay straight from your invoice.

Freelance Tips: Use Quickbooks To Manage Your Business's Finances

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