Spending The Summer With The Avarca Store SandalsHi guys, welcome back to a brand new article on It’s True Blog. Today I want to show you the latest fashion item that I’ve been rocking during these warm days in The Netherlands. We as millennial women we want to look fan-tas-tic but it’s needs to be comfortable and practical right? I’m Spending The Summer With The Avarca Store Sandals. Are you joining too?


I have been wearing sandals from The Avarca Store for quite some time now. I already have 3 pairs in my collection and I simply just love them. I’m a shoe-junkie but I also want my shoes to be comfortable. I love to wear shoes that I can easily wear everyday and to any occasion, the sandals from The Avarca Store are just that. I can easily wear them under a beautiful dress or wear it casually with jeans and a t-shirt. I have experienced that some sandals can even give you more pain than heals. This is because sometimes sandals are very flat and don’t give any support to the feet. I literally can go all day wearing the Mibo Avarcas Multi Glitter Menorcan Sandals. No pain, just comfort and fashion and a sparkles of course ;).

Spending The Summer With The Avarca Store Sandals


When it comes down to sandals, mine usually don’t last for more than 1 Summer. Sandals are the ones you’ll take on holiday and have loooong walks with it. I often find that after two months of continuously wearing sandals it becomes old. Let me put it this way.. I wouldn’t grab them to wear it again next year. But when it comes to the sandals of The Avarca Store, it’s completely the opposite. The sandals are from very good quality. I already have three pairs in my collection. One is like over 2 years old now and it still looks fantastic. The sandals are made from real leather and all hand-made.

Spending The Summer With The Avarca Store Sandals


The Mibo Avarcas Multi Glitter Menorcan Sandals are super cute. You would think it would be difficult to combine with your summer items but it really isn’t. The gold-ish tones go with almost everything. Whether you’re wearing dark colors (even better because it will makes the sandals pop)or wearing bright colors. I personally think that this brand takes time to come up with trendy designs that are seasonal but also timeless.

Spending The Summer With The Avarca Store Sandals

Spending The Summer With The Avarca Store Sandals

You can win a pair too!

I can’t be talking this much about these sandals without letting you guys try it yourself! So I’m giving away 1 one pair of the *Mibo Avarcas Multi Glitter Menorcan Sandals to one lucky winner. The entries are very simple. All you have to do is:

  • Follow me on Instagram (@trudydanso)
  • Follow The Avarca Store on Instagram (@avarcastore)
  • And tag a friend on the Mibo Avarcas Multi Glitter Sandals post on Instagram

That’s it! The giveaway is USA entries only and the giveaway will end on the 22nd of June 2018. The lucky winner will be announced on my Instagram stories on the 23rd of June 2018.

*Give away is subject to stock and size availability.

Spending The Summer With The Avarca Store Sandals


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